1st Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products Fair
20 - 22 September 2018

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1st Azerbaijan International Gift Fair
September 20-22, 2018

Baku, Azerbaijan



The giving of gifts at various events is an ancient tradition, which goes back many centuries. And, despite its venerable age, this tradition survives in many countries to this day and will likely never be abandoned. In the modern world, marketers devote whole writings to the selection of gifts. They rack their brains for days and nights, trying to come up with new things, new ways of giving, new wrappers that will immediately attract the eye.

Today, in a world of abundance, people have become even more selective because everyone wants their gift to leave a lasting impression, to surprise and at the same time make the recipient happy. On the other hand, the lack of time makes it difficult to choose just the right one. Of course, the era of online sales facilitates this task, but as a rule the giver ideally wants to see his/her gift personally, to touch it and evaluate it from all sides. After all, the ability to give gifts is an art in itself, which must be mastered.

The 1st Azerbaijan International Gift Fair will become a showcase of the gift industry, offering a wide range of business gifts, VIP level gifts, as well as gifts intended for loved ones and friends.

Over 3 days, the exhibition will bring together an audience focused on the selection of gifts, both for the corporate and private sectors. Among them:


  • Public and private sectors:
  • - leaders and representatives of large companies, shopping centres, department stores and specialized stores;
    - heads of marketing, public relations and advertising departments;
    - heads of purchasing departments;
    - office managers.
  • Distributors and dealers
  • Wholesale companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Event-organisation agencies
  • Interior design companies
  • Experts in floristry and studio design


Who can participate at the exhibition?

If you sell products in the following sectors, we will be glad to welcome you among the exhibitors.



  • VIP gifts
  • Corporate gifts
  • Souvenirs
  • Watches
  • Leather products
  • Sweets, dessert
  • Flowers


  • Dishes
  • Art objects
  • Textile
  • Weaving
  • Carpet weaving
  • Household furniture and other accessories

Event organisers can also participate at the exhibition and offer their services in:

  • Holiday organisation and decoration
  • Gift packaging
  • Photo and video services
  • Confectionery production
  • Catering
  • Fireworks
  • Carnival costumes
  • Holiday lighting in the city and shopping centres


  • Invitation cards,  envelopes
  • Stationary
  • Books

Luxury zone:

  • Automobile
  • Jewellery
  • Art gifts (picture, sculpture, etc.)

Fashion world

  • Fashionable clothes for men, women and children
  • Local boutiques and brands
  • Bags, shoes, scarves and other accessories
  • Perfumery
  • Cosmetic products

Hand-made products

  • Jewellery / Fashion jewellery
  • Designer dolls and toys
  • Tools for manual crafting and bits & bobs
  • Handmade cosmetic products

Children's gallery

  • Clothes for children and babies
  • Age appropriate toys and various accessories
  • Baby sets & bags
  • Baby cribs, cradles and beds




  • Organisation of wedding, henna parties and pre-wedding events
  • Weddings, birthdays and other event decorations
  • Wedding and evening dresses
  • Decorative objects
  • Decoration of wedding, gift baskets
  • Wedding houses and restaurants
  • Beauty salons
  • Engagement and wedding gifts
  • Florists
  • Wedding printing
  • Event car rental

If you wish to truly impress your family and friends, the best option will be the so-called gift-impressions. Fans of thrills, adventures and travel will be offered a novelty:

Emotional gifts

  • Extreme rides / entertainment
  • Beauty and health / wellness fitness centers providing gift vouchers
  • Flash mobs and dance planners
  • Travel agents (weddings abroad, tickets for a honeymoon)
  • Recording of a song at the studio
  • Studio photo session
  • Sports (carting, bowling, horse riding, etc.)
  • Excursions
  • Exciting hobbies, workshops, parties and games for the company of friends
  • Master classes for all ages

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